Songs featured in the video:
1. Lyset Vågner (The Light Awakens)
2. Markvise (Song from the Field)
3. Midsommergjaldr (Midsummer Chant)
4. Thorleifs Bortvisning (The Banishment of Thorleif)
5. Bålfærd (Funeral)
6. Rans Døtre (Daughters of Ran)
7. Krummi (Raven)

Gjaldulei musicians in the video:
Christine Kammerer : Vocals, lyre, lur
Lea Hildebrandt Rossander: Vocals, gigje/bowed lyre
HC Molbech: Vocals, frame drum, gemshorn, willow flute

Guest Star: Eric Tabor: Percussion, vocals

Video: Arriel Godvil


Band members

Christine Kammerer – Vocals, lyre, percussion

Lea Hildebrandt Rossander – Vocals, gigje, percussion

Martin Kufahl – Vocals, percussion

HC Molbech – Vocals, drums, flutes, lur


Band photos