Gjaldulei is a Viking folk band and an historical reenactment group. The musical project is based on research and an experimental and knowledge inspired approach to the reconstructions of original musical instruments. The music is composed and played only on musical instruments that existed in the Viking age. Gjaldulei offers a soundscape that lets you experience how the music might have sounded during rituals, festivals, times of war, party and in everyday life.

The members of the group have many years of experience with historical and musical reenactment. Martin Kufahl and Lea Rossander have performed as skalds in Iceland and on the Faroe Islands, HC Molbech is known for his long career working with historical music in other musical reenactment groups such as Lurpakket og Almune, and Christine Kammerer is a songwriter and composer, who has an education in Musicology and has worked as a historical reenacter and museum guide at Kronborg Castle. Between them they have decades of experience working with musical composition, reenactment and performance.

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Band members from left to right:

Christine Kammerer
– Vocals, lyre, percussion  

Martin Kufahl – Vocals, percussion  

Lea Hildebrandt Rossander – Vocals, gigje, percussion  

HC Molbech – Vocals, drums, flutes, lur


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PHONE: (+45) 6060 9096
MAIL: contact@gjaldulei.com

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Company name: Aulos
VAT no: DK 28004540
Bank: 5073 1856188
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